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Brand Culture


1, the purpose of the business

Responsible for customers: Value-added services Adults / Responsible to shareholders: Value-added and long-term rewards / Responsible for employees: Building a stage Achieving life /

Responsible for suppliers: cooperation and win-win cooperation development / social responsibility: boutique and strong enterprises

2, the spirit of enterprise

Independent, seeking truth from facts, people-oriented, self-improvement

3, corporate style

Responsive, quick action

4, business philosophy

Use the character to create a boutique, use the personality to shape the brand, use the product to portray the life, return the society with the industry.

5. Staff ethics

Loyalty: Loyalty to the motherland Loyalty to the enterprise Filial piety: Honoring parents and graciousness Reporting newspapers: Responsible for diligence, diligent study, righteousness, mutual help, sincere unity

6. Enterprise talent concept

Morality and no talent, close fools, talents and virtues, almost no villain, both talent and talent, is a sage.

7. Cadre culture

Wisdom: good at learning, diligent in thinking, faith: rewards and punishments are clear, words are believed, benevolent: compassionate subordinates, care for employees

Yong: Dare to be responsible, command decisive, strict: strict discipline, strong execution, honesty, self-discipline, diligence

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