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The model of welder is the dedicated equipment for welding rim and disc. Its clamping and upsetting drive by hydraulic system, the welding parameters can be set from touch screen, and it features a high degree of automation, reliable operation, easy adjustable, etc. The welder is made of host, electrical system and hydraulic system.

Electrical System

Electrical system includes welding main circuit and control circuit.

(1)Welding main circuit is composed of the main switch QS, thyristor switch KP and transformer TC3. The main switch QS is used for switch-on and turn-off the power supply of welding circuit, it shall be turn off if adjust welding transformer series or long time on use. The thyristor switch KP is used for switch-on or turn-off the welding power when welder is running. The transformer TC3 is used for supplying different welding voltage which is total 8 series for this model.

(2)Control circuit is composed of PLC input/output circuit, operation element and touch screen etc. The PLC is the core of control circuit, and the welder will run according to the programs of PLC. The rotary encoder is connected with movable plate through pinion and rack which is used to detect displacement of movable plate, with accuracy of 35pulse/mm. PLC will control the speed and reversing of movable plate according to the pulse signal. Touch screen is used to monitor welding operation, amend parameter in line with welding requirements.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic station, piping, oil cylinder and valve of host. Hydraulic station supplies the system pressure. The valves of host control the oil cylinders. The upsetting pressure, clamping pressure and pre-heating pressure can be adjusted separately which display the adjustment value by pressure gauge. And the upsetting oil cylinder is equipped with a lever regulating valve which is used for adjusting the forward speed of movable plate.

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