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Art by Steve Lieber.
Art by Steve Lieber.

Because of the long "burn" on Shooters, the project saw a few editorial changes during its creation. The book's first editor, and the person who initiated the project, Joan Hilty, left the company and Shooters was passed on to Sarah Litt, who completed the editorial chores. 


(Ironically, shortly before the book was completed and moved on into the production phase, Sarah, too, left Vertigo for warmer climes at DC's fledlging digital empire; final oversight of the book was left to Will Dennis.)


The following is from Sarah: 


This book was a long time coming. And I'd venture to say that it almost didn't happen. But knowing what went into it, it was one of those things that I really wanted to push for. 

Shooters is a very special book. I know everyone says that about their projects, but this one, in particular, will always stand out amongst the books I have worked on. It's the one I think of when people ask me about my job. 


Here's the thing. I come from a family of pacifists. We don't do "war". I hate war-related films. So when I started at Vertigo in 2008, and Joan Hilty handed me the script, I was predisposed to not be a fan. I might have said as much (of course, I could have been talking to myself). The thing is, that didn't happen. This is the most human book I have ever read. And the people behind it, well, that's what makes it so amazing. 


Please keep in mind, I have only met Eric once, briefly. And I have never met Brandon. But through this book, we share something. The relationship became more than that of writer-editor. We all became friends. And something more. Something better. 

This book is special. It's about relationships. And from it, very special relationships were formed. It is the reason I went into my field, and I consider myself lucky to have worked on this one. 

—Sarah Litt

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