SITREP: An update on the PRISM Award

On April 25th, Shooters was awarded the PRISM "...which best exemplifies accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction or mental health issues in a Comic Book or Graphic Novel." (It was clearly for the mental health stuff, PTSD in particular.)


The actual award trophy arrived today. It's very, very nice. 


Thank you, Entertainment Industries Council!

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    Michelle (Sunday, 17 September 2017 01:41)

    I wish Trautmann or someone would create a prequel called "Bombers" from the perspective of a former Iraqi soldier (let's call him Samir) from Baghdad conscripted against his will into the Iraqi army during what is known to Americans as Desert Shield/Storm.

    At the end of that war Samir joined with others in an abortive uprising against Saddam Hussein. When it became clear the American gov't wouldn't support the Iraqi resistance he narrowly escaped prison or death by blending in with troops loyal to the regime but other soldiers Samir knew weren't so lucky.

    Later, like over half-a-million other Iraqi children, his youngest daughter died in his arms in a hospital of an otherwise easily treatable infection due to the destruction of sanitation infrastructure and a lack of drugs consequent to the US/UK sanctions during the 1990s.

    Samir's wife died as a result of "collateral damage" from an American airstrike during the initial 2003 invasion. And other relatives were lost or fled the country in the chaos that followed the invasion.

    Perhaps this series of tragedies is overkill but I'm sure there are numerous Iraqis who experienced something akin to the litany above. In any case, this history is what caused many Iraqis with no love of Saddam Hussein to view the 2003 invasion of their country in a less-than-favorable light. It is what led my fictional Samir to start planting IEDs that killed American troops in "Shooters".

    Even if Americans cannot embrace the perspectives of people who fight Americans troops or condone their actions I hope we all can agree that we should at least try to understand those perspectives. Alas, however, I know from experience that the quest for understanding and knowledge is all too often quickly denounced as traitorous collaboration with the enemy and so it goes.

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